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    Vậy chừng nào thì lính bắt Mexican fraudsters (Mexico will pay for the wall) với Chinese fraudsters (China's paying the tariffs)?

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    RED FRIDAY !!.........

    Trump said the US will raise tariffs from 25% to 30% on $250 billion in goods that are already being taxed starting October 1.

    The intensifying fight unnerved investors, sending the Dow dropping more than 700 points at its worst, closing down 2.4%, or 623 points.

    Comments on Net:

    Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell & Trump & Leader Xi they're not idiot.
    They know what they’re doing. They follow their own agenda perfectly.
    We aren’t part of it. Maybe the idiots are us.

    They never apply tariffs immediately. Then they pospone them or cancelled them. “Leaders” appear fighting for their countries. BS big time

    They making it look like tariffs are to blame not the economy. It’s the economy.
    Tariffs are smoking mirrors and China is playing same stupid game.


    Sorry to tell you Trump isn’t very smart. He’s made his money ruthlessly. Gd knows how much crime he had to had committed. His record probably has the worst marks ever in history for a businessman including so much abuse of minority workers and many other. Yet his main mark as far as bankruptcies isn’t here but soon to be.

    How can a man who’s supposed to be intelligent kicks millions of Hispanics out or locks them up and expect the economy to improve when it’s millions less spending money?

    He’s crazy. I wouldn’t bank a penny on him.

    Country is doomed I agree with you. Who wouldn’t?

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