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    Quote Originally Posted by Ngoc Han View Post
    Mời các sư huynh vào link này xem đở buồn,

    làng này chắc mùa dịch này khó kiếm giấy tô lét.

    Người Đức lấy phô mai Ca mom be này kẹp với miếng dâm bông nhét vô giữa 2 miếng thịt heo đem chiên bột làm món khoái khẩu. Không biết họ chỉa của Tây hay là sáng chế món của họ, nhưng họ ráp cái tên phô mai của Tây và tên món thịt chiên của họ, thành một chữ: "Camembertschnitzel".


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    Gibraltar: đám cưới rực rỡ

    Gibraltar becomes marriage hotspot in pandemic

    Gibraltar requires minimum bureaucracy to get married and there are fewer border restrictions than other places, which has helped turn it into a wedding hotspot during the pandemic.

    Couples just need to present their passports and birth certificates, and stay in the territory overnight either before or after their wedding. They then need to have their marriage registered by the authorities in their home country.

    Wedding planners have reported huge demand from couples from outside the territory.

    “It is absolutely insane. We just can’t get enough slots and spaces,” said Leanne Hindle, the director of wedding events company Marry Abroad Simply.

    The territory has dealt with the surge in demand by increasing the number of weddings carried out daily at its tiny registrar’s office and expanding the number of outdoor venues where ceremonies can be held.

    Gibraltar’s chief minister, Fabian Picardo, said he was “delighted that Gibraltar has become known as a place of love rather than a place of division”.
    Altar liền với Gibraltar một vần.
    (Đoạn đường tân hôn)



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