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Five arrested in Hong Kong for sedition over children’s book about sheep

Police said on Thursday that the two men and three women aged between 25 and 28 had “conspired to publish, distribute, exhibit or copy seditious publications”.

The first book, titled Guardians of Sheep Village explains the 2019 pro-democracy protests that swept through Hong Kong.

Janitors of Sheep Village, the second book, sees cleaners in the village go on strike to force out wolves who leave litter everywhere.

The book’s introduction explains it is a reference to Hong Kong medical workers striking last year in a bid to force the government to close the border with mainland China at the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

The final book in the trilogy – The 12 Braves of Sheep Village – is about a group of sheep who flee their village by boat because of the wolves.

It is a direct reference to 12 Hongkongers who made a
failed bid to escape by speedboat last year to Taiwan but were detained by the Chinese coastguard and jailed.

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