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    Nếu so với người Việt vượt biển thì người Châu Phi chắc vượt ... hồ với chiếc ghe "khẳm".

    More than 500 people rescued off Italian island

    EPA - Hundreds of migrants crammed onto a decrepit fishing boat were rescued off the island of Lampedusa, Italy

    Italian coastguard vessels have rescued 539 migrants from a fishing boat drifting off the island of Lampedusa.

    The rescue on Saturday delivered one of the largest numbers of migrants to the Italian island in a single day.

    Women and children were among those on board. Some of the migrants - who had been travelling across the Mediterranean Sea from Libya - reportedly displayed signs of violence.

    Italian prosecutors have opened an inquiry into what may have happened.

    A doctor from the humanitarian group MSF (Doctors Without Borders), Alida Serrachieri, said a number of the migrants appeared to have been physically assaulted in Libya while waiting for a boat to transport them to Europe.

    Investigators are looking at the possibility that the migrants may have been falsely imprisoned in Libya, local media report.

    Two coastguard vessels and a customs boat from Italy's financial crimes police, the Guardia di Finanza, helped transport the migrants to Lampedusa.

    The island's Mayor Toto Martello described the rescue as "one of the biggest landings in recent times".

    Lampedusa is one of the main arrival ports for people wanting to reach Europe.

    In May, more than 1,000 migrants landed on the Italian island in the space of a few hours.

    The island has a migrant camp that was originally designed to hold fewer than 300 people. It now has more than five times that number, with many more held outside on the dusty road.

    Most arrive from countries that do not qualify for asylum.

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    Bên phải lằn đỏ là mấy nước "chịu chơi" ... chơi tới cùng.
    Bên trái lằn đỏ là mấy nước "thấy oải" ... nên chậm rãi.

    The Covid-19 pandemic has seen a drop in births in Europe and the US

    Births in Europe (especially in the South) and the United States have been caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a new international scientific study, which confirms similar findings from previous research.
    Thus, in addition to the increase in deaths (4,5 million worldwide to date), the coronavirus has affected the demographic dynamics of the population and in terms of births.

    Indicatively, the decrease in fertility reached 9,1% in Italy, 8,5% in Hungary, 8,4% in Spain, 7% in the USA and 6,6% in Portugal. Other countries such as Belgium, Austria, Japan and Singapore also fell.

    The researchers, led by Professor Arnstein 'Aasve of Luigi Bocconi University in Milan, who published the paper in the journal National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), compared monthly birth rates in 22 high-income countries for the 2016 I-period. March 2021.

    According to the study, the biggest pandemic of the last century, that of the "Spanish" flu, also resulted in a subsequent decrease in births in many countries. Researchers estimate that in the current pandemic, many couples have decided to postpone the birth of a child for financial, psychological and other reasons. However, there were some countries (South Korea, the Netherlands, the Nordic countries) that showed a small increase in births in the midst of a pandemic.

    Link to the scientific publication:

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    Còn 15 ngày nữa Đức bầu nghị viện lẫn tân chánh phủ.
    Các "tin chấn động" huyễn hoặc ngày một nhiều.

    Disinformation, fake news plague German election campaign

    False claims attributed to the chancellor candidates are circulating on social media. One candidate, in particular, is the target of fake news, a report says. Traditional media also play a role in spreading falsehoods.

    Annalena Baerbock has been the target of fake news in Germany

    In the race to become Germany's next chancellor, the Greens' Annalena Baerbock is bombarded with more fake news than any other candidate, according to a new report by civil liberties organization Avaaz.

    When the NGO's researchers analyzed dozens of incidents, they found that in over 70% of those, more disinformation was spread about the 40-year-old than about her conservative contender, Armin Laschet, or Olaf Scholz, the Social Democrats' candidate.

    "She came quite late to the race — but immediately, we saw a spike in disinformation about her," said Avaaz's campaign director, Christoph Schott.

    "It could be because she is a woman, it could be because she has some strong ideas and messages, which makes it somehow easier to attack her — but it's really hard to find evidence for that."

    This type of fake news reaches wide sections of the population: Over half of all voters in Germany have come across at least one falsehood about Baerbock, according to a survey released with the report.

    "Disinformation has reached the mainstream in Germany," said Schott.

    On September 26, Germany will elect a new parliament and decide who will succeed Chancellor Angela Merkel. Experts have warned that disinformation, which is spread deliberately to raise doubts over candidates, could sway public opinion ahead of the vote. The findings by Avaaz suggest the threat is real.

    "It's already happening," said Schott.

    Disinformation, reloaded

    For decades, different actors — from PR companies to entire countries — have deployed disinformation as a strategy to influence elections.

    But in recent years, the rise of the internet, social media and encrypted messaging apps have supercharged the phenomenon, now allowing everyone with basic photo-editing skills and a social media account to manufacture online disinformation.

    What's more, experts agree that even after fake news is publicly debunked, traces of doubt often persist.

    It is something Baerbock's Green Party has learned firsthand: Shortly after they announced her candidacy in the spring, posts appeared online. They claimed, falsely, that Baerbock wanted to ban children from having pets at home.

    The party was quick to denounce them as fake — but months later, officials kept getting asked about the claims when they were campaigning, the Greens' secretary-general, Michael Kellner, who oversees the party's campaign, said in DW's "How to hack an election" documentary.

    "And it's just unbelievable nonsense," he added.

    Role of the media

    While disinformation tends to originate on social media or encrypted messaging apps, traditional media often unintentionally play a key role in spreading it, according to Avaaz.

    Almost a third of all respondents told the researchers they had learned about examples for disinformation only after they had been picked up on TV or by the print or online outlets of traditional media outlets.

    Referring to ambiguous media headlines about Baerbock's fabricated plans to ban pets, Avaaz's Christoph Schott drew analogies to the United States, where for years journalists had picked up and written about tweets by former President Donald Trump, regardless of whether they were accurate.

    Journalists should cover disinformation, he said, "but they should do so responsibly, put it in a bigger context, and explain how disinformation works."

    Social media companies also need to ramp up their efforts to debunk disinformation on their platforms, he added. "They should send corrections to all the people who have seen disinformation — because they know exactly who has seen it," Schott said.

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    "Tay làm hàm nhai": Đông Âu có Hung Gia Lợi, Ba Lan. Bắc Âu có Đan Mạch.

    Đan Mạch là một trong những quốc gia nhận người xin tị nạn ít nhất Châu Âu, nhưng luôn manh nha thắt cổ người ta. Lần này chánh phủ Đan Mạch muốn áp dụng chính sách "lãnh trợ cấp = phải đi làm" những người nhập cư vô nước này nhưng thất nghiệp dài hạn. Trước tiên là áp dụng cho những người tị nạn thất nghiệp 3, 4 năm nay. Công việc có thể là nhặt rác ở bãi biển. Nhưng không thể ngồi không. Mỗi tuần ít nhất 37 giờ.

    Nhìn ở khía cạnh tiêu cực thì Đan Mạch có lẽ muốn giải quyết ngân sách an sinh xã hội. Có lẽ chánh phủ hết tiền và muốn giới hạn đơn xin tị nạn xuống mức tối thiểu. Lý do muốn vực người nhập cư lãnh trợ cấp xã hội ra khỏi 4 bức tường là tuyên truyền, bởi vì để làm việc này, các cường quốc tự do thông thường có ngân sách cho các chương trình hội nhập xã hội như dạy ngôn ngữ miễn phí, dạy nghề miễn phí .v.v.v Không thành thạo ngôn ngữ và không có nghề ngỗng thì làm sao xin việc làm.

    Ở khía cạnh nhân đạo và đạo đức thì chính sách này "dưới mức diêm sinh". Nếu một người Đan Mạch thất nghiệp 3, 4 năm. Liệu có thể ép họ có phải đi nhặt rác ở bãi biển không? Một quốc gia, 2 hạng người?

    At least 37 hours a week Denmark wants to oblige immigrants to work

    Initially, the regulation is intended for those who have been receiving state benefits for three to four years and do not have a certain level of schooling and knowledge of Danish, the head of government said. The working hours should be at least 37 hours per week.

    It can be a job on the beach where you pick up cigarette butts or plastic (or) help with solving various tasks in a company,” said Labor Minister Peter Hummelgaard. “The most important thing for us is that people get out of their homes,” he added.

    The guidelines are intended to help immigrants integrate. “For too many years we have done many people a disservice by asking nothing of them,” said Frederiksen. Your government also notes the low employment rate among women from the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey.

    The plans of the social democratic government still have to be approved by parliament. So far, criticism has come from the left. “I’m afraid that this will lead to state-sponsored social dumping,” criticized their spokeswoman Mai Villadsen.

    Denmark has had an extremely restrictive migration policy for years. The government has set the goal of reducing the number of asylum seekers to zero.

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    Người di dân ở Đan mạch chỉ được coi là dân tỵ nạn, ăn nhờ ở đậu tạm thời, khi nào hết nạn có thể phải hồi hương.

    Denmark passes law to relocate asylum seekers outside Europe

    The new law will allow Denmark to move refugees from Danish soil to asylum centres in a partner country for case reviews and possibly their protection in that country.

    In April, Denmark’s immigration minister, Mattias Tesfaye, whose father was an Ethiopian immigrant, appeared in Rwanda on an unannounced visit to the central African nation, which led to the signing of diplomatic agreements on asylum and political matters.

    Denmark could face legal action over attempts to return Syrian refugees

    Authorities in Denmark began rejecting Syrian refugees’ applications for renewal of temporary residency status last summer, and justified the move because a report had found the security situation in some parts of the country had “improved significantly”.

    In 2018, hundreds of Somalis in Denmark had their permits revoked under a similar scheme. Some won their appeal to stay but, according to the Danish Refugee Council, many left Denmark and have disappeared, possibly to live without status in another country.
    Tình yêu như biển, biển hiệp tay người...

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    Di dân Đan mạch có thể qua Pháp làm y tá, làm việc trong nhà thương:

    France grants citizenship to 12,000 Covid frontline workers

    France has granted citizenship to more than 12,000 frontline workers whose jobs put them at risk during the Covid pandemic under a special fast-track scheme.As well as speeding up the application process, which normally takes up to two years, the government also cut the residency requirement from five years to two.

    “Frontline workers responded to the call of the nation, so it is right that the nation takes a step towards them,” said the citizenship minister, Marlène Schiappa. “The country pulled through thanks to them.

    In September 2020, the interior ministry invited those who had “actively contributed” to fighting the Covid health crisis to apply for fast-track naturalisation. On Thursday, Schiappa said 16,381 had applied and 12,012 applications were approved.

    Among them were health professionals, security and cleaning staff, those who looked after essential workers’ children, home help workers and refuse collectors, the minister announced.

    In April 2020, French hospital staff and nursing home workers were awarded tax-free bonuses of between €1,000 and €1,500 as part of the government thank you for their work during the Covid-19 crisis.

    In August 2020, France’s 320,000 home-care workers were given Covid-19 bonuses of up to €1,000.
    Cứu vật vật trả ân, cứu nhân nhân trả quốc tịch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ốc View Post
    Di dân Đan mạch có thể qua Pháp làm y tá, làm việc trong nhà thương:

    Di dân là những người có quốc tịch trong Liên Âu, chạy tới chạy lui, nay làm Pháp, mốt sang Hoà Lan.
    Những người ở Đan Mạch là những người tị nạn từ Châu Phi, Châu Á. Luật lệ của Liên Âu là anh đặt
    chân tới quốc gia nào trước mà anh đã ghi danh rồi, thì nước đó lo. Không có cơ hội xin tị nạn ở nước
    nào khác nữa. Ngoại trừ nước đó quá sức chịu đựng, thì số người tị nạn đó sẽ được phân phối theo
    hiệp ước Dublin cho các quốc gia thành viên qua chỉ số trù phú và tỉ lệ dân số. Không phải muốn đi
    ra sao cũng được. Pháp không phải dễ sống đâu. Nếu không đã không có một số dân Việt Nam chạy
    tuốt từ Việt Nam qua Pháp, nương náu làm chui rồi đi tiếp qua Anh để phải tử vong thảm khốc trong chiếc
    xe vận tải.
    Tuy nhiên vụ chính phủ Pháp hay cho phép các "anh hùng, anh thư" nhập tịch là một chính sách khôn ngoan
    mà tràn đầy tình người, và chính sách này có thiệt.



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