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    Đó là lý do vì sao người đưa tin thứ nhất và thứ
    nhì của CIA phải được bảo vệ an ninh thật chặt.
    Tín đồ cực đoan của Trâm với "lock her up!", "lock him up!"
    không ít ở Huê Kỳ đâu à.

    German police raid right-wing extremists over mosque bomb threats

    After a series of bomb threats were sent to mosques and media companies in Germany this summer, authorities have now zeroed in on seven suspects. The threats carried the signatures of several right-wing extremist groups.

    Authorities carried out raids across Germany on Wednesday morning as part of an investigation into threatening letters believed to be sent by right-wing extremist groups.

    Some 120 officers took part in the raids in the southern states of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria as well as in the eastern states of Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt.

    The state of Bavaria's interior minister, Joachim Herrmann, said authorities were investigating seven suspects. Six of the suspects were detained but released at the end of the operation while the seventh suspect is yet to be found.

    Authorities did not immediately reveal further details about the locations of the raids but said that several data storage devices were seized and being analyzed.

    In July, a total of 23 threatening messages were sent to mosques, Islamic organizations, political party headquarters and media companies as well as a refugee reception center in Bavaria.

    Among other threats, the letters mentioned bombing the groups and institutions. The messages were intended "to frighten people and disturb peace in society," Herrmann said.

    At the end of the messages, the authors wrote the names of several right-wing extremist and neo-Nazi groups including "Volksfront," "Combat 18," or "Blood & Honour."

    The group "Combat 18" took over control of the neo-Nazi network "Blood & Honour," which was banned in Germany in 2000.

    rs/sms (AFP, dpa)


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    German authorities to expand crackdown on right-wing extremists

    Germany security officials want more authority to target and prevent far-right violence. Among the proposals on the table is more monitoring of the internet and gathering evidence to outlaw some far-right groups.

    Far-right protesters holding banner saying 'Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind'

    Violent right-wing extremists pose a growing threat to Germany's democracy, security officials said Tuesday, announcing a package of measures to crack down on groups spreading hate.

    Police have identified 43 so-called right-wing "Gefährder," or individuals intent on carrying out violent acts of terrorism, a number double the count from two years ago.

    In addition to foreigners and Jews, politicians and supporters of a liberal refugee policy have become the target of right-wing extremists.

    "Right-wing crimes endanger our democracy," Federal Criminal Police chief Holger Münch said in Berlin. "The situation is serious."

    In the latest right-wing act of violence that has roiled the country, a gunman attacked a synagogue last week in the eastern city of Halle. Failing to enter the synagogue, he shot and killed two people on the street.

    The terror attack came months after a pro-refugee regional official, Walter Lübcke, was gunned down at his home by a right-wing extremist.

    Security authorities have long observed a rising violent right-wing scene numbering around 12,700 people.

    Federal security authorities are now preparing to increase observation of known right-wing groups and radicalization and networking on the internet.

    According to a concept proposed to the Interior Ministry, security authorities want to comb the internet for signs of radicalization and to better understand right-wing groups.

    The goal is to increase pressure on such groups and eventually outlaw them, including possibly the so-called "New Right" organizations such as the identitarian Movement.

    Security officials also want to establish a central office to combat hate crime on the internet. Under the proposal, internet and social media providers would be required to report to police criminal content that they are already required to delete under current legislation.

    cw/ng (dpa, Reuters)

    /* src.:

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    Bulgarian football chief quits over Euro 2020 racism furor

    Borislav Mihaylov, the president of Bulgaria's football association, has resigned. Bulgaria's prime minister had earlier called for him to quit after home fans racially abused England players in a Euro 2020 qualifier.

    Borislav Mihaylov on Tuesday stepped down as president of the Bulgarian Football Union (BFU), hours after the country's prime minister urged him to quit.

    The BFU issued a short statement saying the decision was "a consequence of recent tensions" the followed England's 2020 qualifier in Sofia on Monday.

    Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov had earlier called on the national soccer chief to resign. The appeal came after Bulgaria's Euro-2020 qualifying match against England in Sofia was nearly abandoned because of racist abuse from fans.

    The match, which England eventually won 6-0, was temporarily halted twice in the first half because of racist abuse and monkey chants directed at England's black players. Some in the crowd were also seen making Nazi salutes.

    Some 50 Bulgarian fans, who were wearing black, left the stadium before halftime. The second half of the match was completed without further stoppages.

    The Bulgarian premier said national football association chief Borislav Mihaylov had to take responsibility for an incident that had shamed Bulgaria.

    "It is unacceptable to link Bulgaria... a tolerant country of different ethnicities and religions living together in peace, with racism and xenophobia," he said.

    Borisov also appeared less than impressed with the result of the match, which he described as a "shameful loss."

    He had ordered sports minister Krasen Kalev to withdraw all financial help from the Bulgarian football association until Mihaylov stood down.

    Read more: Chemnitz football club condemns racism among own fans

    Three of England's players — Raheem Sterling, Marcus Rashford, and Tyrone Mings — were targeted with the abuse. In a tweet, Sterling welcomed Borissov's demand for the soccer chief to quit.

    For his part, Mings, who had been making his debut, said he was proud of the players' reaction on the pitch in light of the abuse.

    The game was already being played partially behind closed doors. European governing body UEFA had ordered blocks of seats to be cordoned off because of fans' racism in previous matches against both Kosovo and the Czech Republic in June.

    Bulgaria can now expect further sanctions against it, which might include a hefty fine and possible stadium closure for one or more matches. Although the team can no longer secure a place in the Euro 2020 tournament through normal qualifying, it is already guaranteed a playoff spot in March next year for winning its UEFA Nations League group.

    rc/ng (dpa, Reuters AP, AFP)

    /* src:

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    Quê hương là chùm khế độc...

    China threatens European citizens over Xinjiang protests

    Uighurs living in Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, and France have complained of intimidation by Beijing.

    Most Uighurs remain silent, and have found little help from European authorities. But Margarete Bause, a member of the German parliament representing Munich, said Chinese interference was unacceptable and urged Uighurs to contact their MPs.

    “We need to protect visitors to the Bundestag. Observing parliament is a fundamental right in any democracy,” she said. “It’s also important for the German public to know how China is trying to exert influence here. The Chinese government threatening people in Germany should never become normalised.”

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    EU 'sorry' to see UK leave as leaders agree to Brexit deal

    Leaders of 27 EU countries have unanimously backed the Brexit deal at the EU summit in Brussels.
    The next chapter in the Brexit saga will be written during a rare Saturday session of the British Parliament.

    "Where there's a will, there is a deal — we have one!” European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker tweeted on Thursday, just hours ahead of a two-day EU summit in Brussels was set to commence.

    After nearly three years of back and forth and just weeks before the UK's October 31 deadline, the United Kingdom and the European Union announced they had struck a new Brexit deal Thursday morning, and by Thursday evening the deal had been unanimously endorsed by the 27 remaining countries of the EU.




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