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    Có đực mới vực được đạo.

    Bernard Preynat, 74, is believed to have sexually abused scores of boys over a 30-year period

    He appeared in court on Monday, almost 40 years after he is thought to have begun abusing the boys in his charge.

    Preynat, who is facing 10 charges of “sexual aggression” against boys aged seven to 15 between 1971 and 1991, has admitted the abuse.

    Nine victims were expected to give evidence in the case out of more than 90 who are believed to have come forward. Many of the claims have been deemed legally out of date.

    Preynat’s abuse of young boys was known, documented and covered up by his superiors in the diocese, who were accused of putting the church’s reputation before the victims’ suffering.

    In an apologetic letters to parents, Preynat admitted he was “sick” and “had a problem with children”, but was allowed to keep working with young people and run scout camps.

    Last March, his superior, Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, was convicted of failing to report the abuse and failing to protect the children. He was given a suspended six-month sentence but has appealed against his conviction.

    The abuse is the subject of a film by the French director François Ozon, called By the Grace of God, which echoed the words Barbarin said when asked why he had not acted to remove Preynat from contact with children.

    “By the grace of God most of these cases are now out of date,” he replied, referring to the statute of limitations.

    Ozon, who met some of Preynat’s victims, told the Observer in October: “Preynat was honest and that was part of the drama. He never denied it. He said he had a problem with kids; he sent letters to the parents in the 1990s in which he admitted it. Barbarin knew about it. Still nothing happened.”

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    Germany to pay energy firms billions in coal phaseout plan

    Marathon talks have produced an agreement between the government and Germany's coal-producing states on phasing out coal-fired energy plants at the latest by 2038. Some plants will already be shut down this year.

    Chancellor Angela Merkel's government and Germany's four coal-producing states unveiled details of their plan to phase out coal at the latest by 2038 on Thursday.

    The plans outline a timeline for decommissioning lignite-coal power plants in the states of North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg, as well as easing the financial transition for the states and energy firms involved.

    What's in the plan?

    • The government wants to move up the timetable, shooting to exit coal by 2035 and at the latest by the previous target date of 2038.
    • Energy firms will receive a €4.35 billion ($4.85 billion) payout to compensate for the coal phaseout.
    • At least eight coal-fired power plants will be taken off the grid this year.
    • The government will provide €14 billion to the affected states to specifically aid the transition away from coal.
    • An additional €26 billion will be dedicated for "further measures" to support the states.
    • Financial payouts will only begin once parliament passes legislation making the deal binding.

    'Important breakthrough' for the climate

    Environment Minister Svenja Schulze praised the plan, which was agreed after six hours of talks with state leaders that lasted until the early hours of Thursday morning.

    "We are the first country that is exiting nuclear and coal power on a binding basis, and this is an important international signal that we are sending," Schulze said at a press conference.

    Finance Minister Olaf Scholz said the payouts to energy firms were "affordable and in my view a good result."

    "Germany is taking big steps on its way out of the fossil fuel age," Scholz added.

    Armin Laschet, the state premier of North Rhine-Westphalia, called the deal "an important breakthrough for climate protection."

    "We will only succeed in achieving an ambitious coal phase-out if we take the citizens in the affected areas with us," Laschet said.

    How will the regions be impacted?

    An estimated 20,000 people are employed in Germany's lignite industry — of which 15,000 work in open-pit mines and 5,000 in lignite power plants. The country's last active black coal mine closed in 2018, but more than 5,000 people still work in coal-fired power plants.

    The government was under particular pressure from the eastern German states of Saxony, Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt, which raised concerns that the policy shift could worsen economic inequality with the former western states.

    Germany under pressure to cut emissions

    Germany has come under increasing pressure to ditch its dependence on coal, from experts, environmental activists and the European Union.

    Despite setting ambitious climate protection goals, Germany is the largest contributor of carbon emissions in the EU, amounting for over 22% of the bloc's CO2 emissions, according to an EU report.

    Over a third of the electricity generated in Germany comes from burning coal — which produces large amounts of greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. Last year, the government rolled out a new climate protection plan with a target to generate 65% of energy from carbon-neutral sources by 2030.

    rs/rt (dpa, Reuters, AFP, AP)

    /* src.:

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    Tin tức hội quý tộc: Quận công và quận công chúa Sú Sếc xi (Sussexes) ly khai.

    Không biết có liên quan đến tin đồn chị Lú được mời gia nhập hội.

    Harry and Meghan to drop HRH titles and repay £2.4m

    Qué xê ra, xê ra...

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    Tuyệt tình:

    Con vua thì mới hoàng, vương
    Công tước ở Cà (nada) chỉ quét lá phong.

    Newspaper headlines: 'Freedom at a price' as Queen seals 'hard Megxit'

    (coi nữa)



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