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    Nhà Ngói
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    Thursday Dec 19 9:30 AM ET

    Mr. Powell..the repo man is the most powerful market mover in the World makes any President look like an ant on a hill. Last go around the Fed wasted $29 trillion taxpayer funds to bailout deadbeat corrupt Big Banks who are still the primary recipients of the trillions in repo money to keep the markets green.

    The Big Bank model is still 10% fines no jail time and 90% profits to move markets there way.
    As long as trend continues The SPY will remain a 100% Buy.

    King Powell the repo man is the mover of the markets. Anything else is used as pullback news like impeachment, trade talks. As long as repo stays in place spending trillions in taxpayer dollars we go to the moon. SPY 100% buy

    Repo is all that matters for now.
    Lobbyists in full control of making America’s laws.

    impeachment means nothing because the Republican majority Senate won’t impeach Trump. It’s a circus show and both parties know it. Meanwhile the Fed will keep markets green until they can’t.

    The markets are great. SPY 100% buy.
    The economy not so great as companies focus on share buybacks to enrich the billionaire 1% percenters while companies do little to reinvest into the economy

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    Nhà Ngói
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    Jan 2015
    Today Jan 10, 2020, 11am ET NY Time

    Don't fight the Repo Fed

    Markets were only red because the Fed allowed it other then that repo man Powell is back with trillions to keep the markets up. Other then that repo money in place until April.

    No price discovery in markets anymore that is extinct like the dinosaurs.

    Proof positive the stock market is in no way connected to the actual economy.

    Nothing in the economy is appreciating at this clip. Nothing at all.
    Futures will be green- SPY 100% buy.



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