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Thread: Diện trang

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    Biệt Thự
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    Phục Trang

    Cảo thơm lần giở trước đèn
    Phong tình cổ lục còn truyền sử xanh

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    Rằng: Quen mất nết đi rồi,
    Tẻ vui thôi cũng tính trời biết sao!
    Lời vàng âm lĩnh ý cao
    Họa dần dần bớt chút nào được không

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    Rudy đi tìm ổ cứng.

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    Gia trang

    Dana Clark and her 18-month-old son Mason wait in line at city hall as early voting begins for the upcoming presidential election in New Orleans, Louisiana, October 16, 2020. Clark said she donned this protective cover because didn't know how many people would be wearing masks in line, and her child doesn't have a mask. She said she works as a teacher, and wanted to take precautions for her students' sakes. REUTERS/Kathleen Flynn

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    Cải trang: Santa Corona hay là Corona Claus?

    US abandons plan to offer Christmas performers early vaccine

    Officials had reportedly planned to provide workers playing the festive roles at malls, stores and theme parks with immunisation, in return for help promoting a Covid-19 vaccine as part of a $250m taxpayer-funded public service advertising campaign.

    But the plan, first
    reported by the Wall Street Journal, has been scrapped.

    On Monday an HHS spokeswoman told the Guardian the Santa collaboration “will not be happening”, adding that the health secretary, Alex Azar, “had no knowledge of these outreach discussions”.

    Ric Erwin, chairman of the Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santas, which has about 650 members, told the Guardian: “To say that we were disappointed is just scratching the surface. This was in fact our greatest hope to help this country end the worst year ever on the best note possible.”

    It will be his first break from Christmas since becoming a Santa in 2002, but after his wife lost her father to Covid-19 in May, he promised he would take “zero chances in bringing the virus home”.

    “Not to mention the fact that our clientele, the children, are notorious vectors for all things infectious,” he said.

    In a 12-minute phone call, recorded by Erwin and provided to the Journal, Caputo said the vaccines would probably be approved by mid-November and given to frontline workers before Thanksgiving, which this year falls on 26 November.

    In an excerpt from the call, Caputo can be heard saying: “If you and your colleagues are not essential workers, I don’t know what is.”

    Erwin enthusiastically responds: “Ho ho ho … I love you.”

    Vowing to bring 50 costumed Santas to an event in southern California, Erwin told Caputo: “My friend, we will pull this sleigh uphill ourselves if we have to.”

    Caputo also said he “cannot wait to tell the president”, who he said was “going to love this”.
    You better chill out
    You better not try
    You better not doubt
    I'm telling you why
    Santa Claus ain't coming to town



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