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    Độc hơn thịt covịd:

    How Steve Bannon and a Chinese Billionaire Created a Right-Wing Coronavirus Media Sensation

    Dr. Li-Meng Yan wanted to remain anonymous. It was mid-January, and Yan, a researcher in Hong Kong, had been hearing rumors about a dangerous new virus in mainland China that the government was playing down. Terrified for her personal safety and career, she reached out to her favorite Chinese YouTube host, known for criticizing the Chinese government.

    Within days, the host was telling his 100,000 followers that the coronavirus had been deliberately released by the Chinese Communist Party. He wouldn’t name the whistleblower, he said, because officials could make the person “disappear.”

    By September, Yan had abandoned caution. She appeared in the United States on Fox News, making the unsubstantiated claim to millions that the coronavirus was a bioweapon manufactured by China.

    Overnight, Yan became a right-wing media sensation, with top advisers to President Donald Trump and conservative pundits hailing her as a hero. Nearly as quickly, her interview was labeled on social media as containing “false information,” while scientists rejected her research as a polemic dressed up in jargon.

    Her evolution was the product of a collaboration between two separate but increasingly allied groups that peddle misinformation: a small but active corner of the Chinese diaspora and the highly influential far right in the United States.

    Yan’s trajectory was carefully crafted by Guo Wengui, a fugitive Chinese billionaire, and Steve Bannon, a former adviser to Trump.
    They put Yan on a plane to the United States, gave her a place to stay, coached her on media appearances and helped her secure interviews with popular conservative television hosts like Tucker Carlson and Lou Dobbs, who have shows on Fox. They nurtured her seemingly deep belief that the virus was genetically engineered, uncritically embracing what she provided as proof.

    “I said from Day 1, there’s no conspiracies,” Bannon said in an interview. “But there are also no coincidences.”

    The media outlets that cater to the Chinese diaspora — a jumble of independent websites, YouTube channels and Twitter accounts with anti-Beijing leanings — have formed a fast-growing echo chamber for misinformation. With few reliable Chinese-language news sources to fact-check them, rumors can quickly harden into a distorted reality. Increasingly, they are feeding and being fed by far-right American media.

    Wang Dinggang, the YouTube host contacted by Yan and a close associate of Guo, appears to have been the first to seed rumors related to Hunter Biden, a son of President-elect Joe Biden. A site owned by Guo amplified the baseless claims about Hunter Biden’s involvement in a child abuse conspiracy. They were picked up by Infowars and other fringe U.S. outlets.

    Bannon, Wang and Guo are now all promoting the false idea that the presidential election was rigged.
    Bài hơi dài, ai muốn coi thì vô cái link của Yahoo mà coi nguyên ngày. Tuy nhiên có thể tóm tắt bằng một công thức dễ nhớ: 3 tàu + 3 nần = 3 xạo...

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    Nghe giải trí và duy trì sự cẩn trọng ...



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