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    Venice: giật tiền rực rỡ

    Venice charging day-trippers €5

    Venice will become the first major city in the world to adopt such a measure when the long-mooted €5 (£4.30) fee comes into force later this month.

    Luigi Brugnaro said the objective was not to make money for Venice’s coffers but to “defend” the lagoon city, which attracts an estimated 40,000 visitors a day, and make it more liveable.

    The tickets are bookable online and apply on 29 peak dates between 25 April and 14 July. Venice authorities consider 2024 as being the experimental phase of the initiative.

    Day-trippers will be provided with a QR code once they’ve booked their ticket, which is required only for access to Venice’s historic centre. Stewards will carry out checks at various access points and visitors risk fines of up to €300 if they arrive without a code.
    5 euros rẻ quá. 3 chục hay 4 chục mới ngăn bớt khách.

    How cheap Venice can be
    When you pay five euros
    A small entry fee
    For every paying dunce

    (How cheap Venice can be)

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    Paris: tiền đồ rực rỡ

    ‘15-minute city’ taken off in Paris

    Moreno has written The 15-Minute City about his theory, which is being implemented in cities from Milan to Buenos Aires. In it, he explains his theory, which is quite simple. When many modern cities were designed, they were for men to work in. Their wives and family stayed in the suburbs, while the workers drove in. So they have been designed around the car, and segmented into different districts: the financial district, the cultural area and then the suburbs. They have also often been segmented into wealthier and poorer areas.

    “My idea is to break this triple segregation,” he says.

    Stroll down the banks of the Seine today in the new protected parks and outdoor bars, and it is hard to imagine that it was recently a traffic-choked highway. But with the guidance of Moreno, this became a reality. In 2024, nobody requests to open again the highway on the Seine, no one wants the Seine urban park to be open for cars.”

    Moreno says this is happening with or without him; after the Covid crisis many offices are selling up their large spaces in the financial district and moving closer to residential areas. People are choosing jobs they can work remotely from or that are situated closer to their homes.
    Trả lại Paris khung trời đại học
    Con đường sông Seine cây dài bóng mát
    Buổi chiều công viên mây trời xanh ngát
    Bước chân trên đường chẳng lo xe cộ…



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