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    Quote Originally Posted by ốc View Post
    Tha phương cầu cực:

    cybercrime in south-east Asia

    Nghênh ngang một cõi biên thùy
    Thiếu gì băng đảng thiếu gì nạn nhân

    (Biên trường tân thanh)
    Hồi đầu cuộc chiến Ukraine. Không ít đầu nậu ở Berlin, Hamburg gạ gẫm các cô gái Ukraine chạy sang Đức tị nạn làm nghề mãi dâm. Mới qua, lúc đó các trại chưa lập kịp thời, không đủ chỗ cho một lượng lớn người di tản như vậy, nên đa số tư nhân hảo tâm đến rước về nhà cho tạm trú. Trong số đó không ít tú bà, đầu nậu nhân cơ hội kiếm tiền. Puck Futin

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    Có công đào đất có ngày lên phuòng:

    Two people detained for digging shortcut through Great Wall of China

    Police in Shanxi province followed tracks made by machinery used to dig a shortcut through a segment of the wall – remains of the immense structure built by China’s emperors to deter foreign invaders.

    The suspects admitted under questioning that they had used a digger to create a shortcut in the wall in an attempt to reduce local travel time, state media reported.

    Images on Chinese TV showed the scene where a dusty road had been cut through a long, raised section of ground that appeared to be the remnants of the ancient barrier.
    Trường thành chiết, Trung quốc diệt.
    (Mã diện)

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    Còn nhiều cấm cỏ ngậm cần về sau…

    Thailand to clamp down on cannabis use in major U-turn on drug policy

    Thailand became the first country in Asia to decriminalise cannabis after it delisted the marijuana plant as a narcotic last year, leading to a boom of cannabis cafes and weed dispensaries in popular tourist destinations such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Pattaya.

    However, the failure to pass legislation to regulate its use has opened a legal vacuum in the country.

    Srettha leads the Pheu Thai Party, which formed a coalition government with 10 other parties and promoted a hardline anti-narcotics campaign before the election.

    Currently, anyone older than 20 and who is not pregnant or breastfeeding is legally allowed to use cannabis within their residences, and food containing its extracts can be consumed inside licensed restaurants.
    Cho xài rồi giờ lại cấm xài cái xầm.



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