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    Trong đầm gì ngộ bằng sen,
    viền đen lá trắng lại chen ông già

    Modi announces federal takeover of India's vaccination program

    Facing growing criticism over India's botched COVID-19 response, the PM has said all adults will be offered free jabs in a major policy reversal. The announcement comes as India cautiously lifts restrictions.

    India's infection numbers have been driven by massive 'super-spreader' events including political rallies staged by Modi

    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, speaking in a televised national address on Monday, declared that the federal government would once again be taking control of the country's coronavirus vaccination program and offering free vaccinations to all adults in the country.

    "All those above 18 will get free vaccinations," Modi said, announcing that the program will start on June 21, "Whether it is the poor, the lower-middle class, the middle class, or the upper-middle class — under the federal government program, everyone will get free vaccines."

    "We will increase the speed of procuring vaccines and also increase the pace of the vaccination program," the prime minister said. Under the new policy, 75% of all vaccines made in India are to be purchased by the national government with private hospitals able to purchase the remaining 25%.
    New policy could keep Indian hospitals from marking up vaccine prices

    The changes reverse a previous policy, launched in April, that tasked states and the private sector with vaccinating those between the ages of 18 and 44. Under that prior policy, the central government gave free shots to front-line workers and people over 45 — with states and private hospitals left to give jabs to those between 18 and 44.

    In his remarks, Modi said private hospitals would not be allowed to charge patients more than 150 rupees ($2.06 / €1.70) over the cost of each dose. Under the previous policy, states competed against one another as well as private institutions to acquire doses, making them both scarce and expensive — as well as leading to accusations that companies and hospitals were profiting off the situation.

    "The center would have a lot more clout in dealing with the multinationals ... rather than individual states or smaller players directly negotiating with these companies," as Sudarshan Ballal, chairman at Manipal Hospitals, told Reuters news agency.

    India's vaccine program 'arbitrary and irrational' says Supreme Court

    Pressure has been mounting on Modi and his government over its disastrous handling of the pandemic, especially after a new variant began driving infection rates ever higher, pushing official new infections to a peak of more than 400,000 a day in May. Last week, the Supreme Court of India called the country's vaccination program "arbitrary and irrational," bemoaning its inefficiency and inequity.

    To date, India has administered just over 222 million vaccinations — less than 5% of the country's estimated adult population of 950 million has been fully inoculated. Some hospitals say a uniform vaccine distribution policy could ease the burden of procurement and prices.

    Observers say the new policy will help get the situation under control, "This [centralized inoculation policy] eliminates states having to compete with one another for vaccine supplies, leaving them to concentrate on distributing them rapidly to their populations," as Gautam Menon, professor of physics and biology at Ashoka University in Delhi, said.

    India has been administering the AstraZeneca vaccine, produced locally by the Serum Institute; Covaxin, made by local firm Bharat Biotech; and will launch Russia's Sputnik V this month.

    India eases lockdown measures as infections drop

    This week, India's capital, New Delhi, and its financial hub, Mumbai, also began easing lockdowns that have been in place since April as infection levels have begun to fall.

    In New Delhi, businesses and shops will be allowed to reopen, albeit with limited hours, and its subway will resume operations at 50% capacity. In Mumbai and across the coastal state of Maharashtra — which was one of the worst-hit in April and May — malls, movie theaters, restaurants and offices reopened in districts where test positivity rates have fallen below 5%. Maharashtra's huge rail network, however, will remain closed.

    Some health experts fear restrictions are being eased too soon and there are concerns the virus is still spreading unchecked through India's rural villages, where testing and medical care are extremely limited.

    With new infections and deaths declining, the government hopes that reopening the country could resuscitate its economy — which grew at only a 1.6% annual rate in the January-March quarter.

    India documented 100,636 new official coronavirus cases over the past 24 hours, bringing its total number of infections close to 29 million, second only to the United States. On Monday, the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare announced that 2,427 people had died from COVID-19 over the previous 24 hours, pushing the overall death toll to 349,186.

    Both figures are widely believed to be massive undercounts.

    js/aw (AFP, AP, Reuters)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Triển View Post

    • tiêm la (p.1242) = tiem la: ("orthodoxal" reading)
    • xiêm la (p.1581) = siem la: (non-"orthodoxal" reading)

    Xiêm với Tiêm là những cách đọc chữ Chiêm. Xiêm la, Tiêm la nghe giống Chen la (Chân lạp, Chiêm thành).

    Tìm Xiêm như thể tìm Chiêm
    Xiêm la bể Thái, Tiêm thành bể Nam

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    Bảo kê

    Nhật Bản sẽ bảo vệ tàu chiến Úc theo luật an ninh mới

    Các tàu Hải quân Úc sẽ được Lực lượng Phòng vệ Nhật Bản bảo đảm an ninh nếu yêu cầu, theo một thỏa thuận ngày 09/06/2021 liên quan đến luật an ninh quốc gia mới do chính quyền tiền nhiệm thông qua. Như vậy Úc là quốc gia thứ hai sau Hoa Kỳ được hưởng quyền này.

    Theo báo Nhật Asahi, thỏa thuận đã đạt được sau cuộc họp qua video giữa lãnh đạo quốc phòng và ngoại giao hai nước. Phía Nhật Bản là ngoại trưởng Toshimitsu Motegi và bộ trưởng Quốc Phòng Nobuo Kishi, và đồng nhiệm phía Úc là Marise Payne và Peter Dutton.

    Đạo luật an ninh quốc gia, vốn gây tranh cãi, có hiệu lực từ năm 2016 cho phép Lực lượng Phòng vệ Nhật Bản bảo vệ các tàu Hải quân Mỹ. Từ khi bắt đầu được đưa ra Quốc Hội thảo luận, Úc đã được coi là ứng viên tương lai được bảo vệ, nếu có nhu cầu.

    Nhật Bản và Úc đã siết chặt hợp tác trong những năm gần đây, một phần nhằm đối phó với sự bành trướng của Trung Quốc trên biển Hoa Đông và Biển Đông. Quyết định mới đây cho thấy hai nước đã gần như là đồng minh. Một khi nhận được yêu cầu bảo vệ từ Úc, Hội đồng An ninh Quốc gia sẽ quyết định mà không nhất thiết phải báo cáo chi tiết với Quốc Hội Nhật Bản. Trong cuộc họp hôm qua, đôi bên cũng đồng ý gia tăng các cuộc thảo luận nhằm tạo điều kiện viếng thăm lẫn nhau trong các cuộc tập trận chung.

    Thông cáo chung Nhật-Úc lần đầu tiên nêu ra Trung Quốc là quốc gia đáng quan ngại do các hành động trên Biển Đông. Thông cáo nói rằng Nhật Bản và Úc « phản đối các yêu sách và hoạt động trên biển của Trung Quốc không phù hợp với Công ước Liên Hiệp Quốc về Luật Biển (UNCLOS) », đồng thời nhấn mạnh « tầm quan trọng của hòa bình và ổn định tại eo biển Đài Loan ».

    Theo luật an ninh sửa đổi, việc bảo vệ các chiến hạm và phi cơ Mỹ chủ yếu được tiến hành trong các cuộc tập trận chung, và trong năm 2020 đã có đến 25 cuộc – con số cao nhất từ trước đến nay.

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    kê sách

    Dụ kê: Nam Dương hối lộ - Chích một mũi thuốc được tặng con gà

    Indonesian officials give away live chickens to residents willing to get vaccinated

    Residents aged over 45 in Cianjur regency, West Java are gifted live chickens if they get vaccinated.

    (CNN)Live chickens are being given away by local authorities in rural Indonesia as an incentive for older residents to get vaccinated against Covid-19.
    The program, in Cianjur regency, West Java, is part of the district's effort to increase the number of vaccines administered to citizens age 45 and over.
    Galih Apria, assistant police commissioner in the sub-district of Pecat, said older residents had been very hesitant about getting the shots during the early rollout of the government's vaccination program.

    "Early on, there was a lot of misinformation and hoaxes about the vaccine circulating online, especially on social media," Galih said. "Lots of elderly people thought that it does not prevent Covid-19 but would cause serious diseases and even death."

    Police launched the free chicken program last month in collaboration with the sub-district government and local health centers.
    Before the program was initiated, only 25 in 200 residents were willing to get the vaccine, Galih said -- but "now, we have 250 people per day who are willing to get vaccinated."

    He added that giving out chickens was a sign of affection and respect toward the elderly, and it made older people more at ease with police officers, health officials, and with the vaccine itself.
    Hundreds of villagers from three villages in Pecat have gone to get the vaccine, according to CNN affiliate CNN Indonesia.
    Galih said authorities have given away 500 free chickens as a result of the program -- but they have also taken other steps to push for broader vaccination.
    "We had to explain and educate people on the safety and benefits of the vaccine so that they would stop being so scared," he said. "We go door-to-door and encourage people to get vaccinated."
    Medical staff and army personnel are helping police distribute the vaccine, and "do medical checkups so that people can get the vaccine on the spot," said Galih.
    Elis Sumiati, an elderly woman who received the vaccine through the program, told CNN Indonesia: "I didn't know if I even needed the vaccine, but now after they brought the chicken and said I can get the vaccine -- yes thank you, I'm happy."

    Indonesia has reported one of the largest coronavirus outbreaks in Asia, with nearly 2 million total cases and more than 53,000 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.
    The archipelago has recently seen an uptick in infections, with its two most populous islands, Java and Sumatra, reporting a sharp rise in the weeks following the Ramadan holidays, according to Reuters.
    The immunization drive in Indonesia has also progressed slowly, with fewer than 20% of people over 50 targeted for inoculations having taken the first dose, according to data from the Health Ministry.

    However, Galih believes localized efforts in villages and towns can go a long way in helping the elderly get vaccinated.
    "The response to this program has been amazing," he said. "It is great to see our elders becoming happy after seeing the chickens and we are also able to protect them with the vaccine at the same time."

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    He added that giving out chickens was a sign of affection and respect toward the elderly, and it made older people more at ease with police officers, health officials, and with the vaccine itself.
    Muốn dân nhậu đi chích thì chắc chính phủ phải dụ bằng con cầy.

    Con gà cục tác vác xin
    Con lợn ủn ỉn chủng ngừa đi thôi
    Con chó khóc đứng khóc ngồi
    Bạn ơi đi chích đem tôi về nhậu

    (Cầy dao)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ốc View Post
    Muốn dân nhậu đi chích thì chắc chính phủ phải dụ bằng con cầy.

    Dân nhậu này là dân nhậu Bắc kỳ mới khoái ăn thịt chó thôi.

    Dân nhậu Nam kỳ mà muốn dụ đi chích thì chánh phủ phải khiêng nguyên hàng thịt, tôm, cá, rau rợ lại nào gỏi, nào lẩu, nào cá đút lò, nào bò lúc lắc ... "đứng bét bảng" là chuột đồng rô-ti.

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    Dân nhậu Hà lan thì dụ bằng cá:

    Netherlands offers free herring as Covid jab incentive

    Early batches of Hollandse nieuwe, or new-season Dutch herring, a traditional delicacy consumed to the tune of 75m a year, are being distributed to vaccination centres around the country as an encouragement for people to get their jabs.

    The first barrel of Hollandse nieuwe – young herring caught from mid-May when their fat content is considered just right, then gutted, soused and consumed raw either whole or on bread with chopped onion – is usually auctioned off for a good cause.

    This year, with an auction impossible, due to Covid restrictions, it was presented “on behalf of the Dutch people” to the head of the municipal health services organising the country’s vaccination campaign.

    More barrels have been sent to vaccination centres nationwide, where the fish – whose annual arrival on 15 June is celebrated with ceremonies and flag-waving – is being offered to staff and to everyone who shows up for their shot.

    As for recipients, she said: “A herring for a jab. Who could possibly resist?”

    Cá không ăn hết cá ươn
    Dân không đi chích trăm đường dân hư
    (Cá dao)

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    Hong Kong: Toà báo bị trấn áp, dân đổ xô mua báo để ủng hộ dân chủ | VOA

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    Coi bộ thuốc không "ép phê".

    China administers 1 billion vaccine doses

    Beijing aims to fully inoculate 40% of its 1.4 billion people by the end of June. Meanwhile, Indians are enjoying newfound freedoms as COVID curbs are eased, but experts are still worried. Follow DW for the latest.

    Medical workers hold a mass vaccination drive in China's Qingdao

    China has administered more than a billion doses of coronavirus vaccines, the country’s health authority said on Sunday. This figure accounts for more than a third of the shots given across the world.

    While it remains unclear what percentage of the country’s nearly 1.4 billion people have been inoculated, authorities have set a target of fully vaccinating 40% of the population by the end of June.

    China’s one billion doses landmark was crossed soon after the 2.5 billion milestone was surpassed globally on Friday.

    After a shaky start to its inoculation campaign, China is pushing for a more aggressive vaccination strategy. Different measures, like free vaccines or special perks, have been ordered to encourage more residents to take the shot.

    Some residents have received shopping coupons in Beijing, while authorities in the central Anhui province have given free eggs as part of the vaccination drive.


    The Philippines has secured its largest coronavirus vaccine order yet. The government signed a deal for 40 million doses of the BioNTech-Pfizer jab. Deliveries are due to arrive in September. The government hopes to vaccinate up to 70 million out of its 110-million population this year.

    Shopping malls and markets across India's capital, New Delhi, saw large crowds over the weekend as the country registered its lowest daily rise in coronavirus cases in nearly three months.

    The scenes were a contrast to April and May when coronavirus cases went through the roof and hospitals in the city ran short of oxygen to treat seriously ill COVID patients.

    Several Indian states have begun easing regional lockdowns amid the receding second wave.

    However, doctors have warned that India could be pushed towards another devastating third wave of the virus if residents let their guard down.

    Crowds at a vegetable market in Ahmedabad as coronavirus restrictions are eased

    A member of the Olympic team from Uganda has tested positive upon arrival at Japan's Narita International Airport, the first coronavirus case among athletes arriving for the Tokyo Olympics next month.

    While foreign spectators have been banned from the stadiums, organizers are set to decide whether domestic spectators will be allowed.

    According to a poll from Jiji news, if the Games are held, 64% of the public want them without spectators.

    South Korea is set to relax social distancing rules from July 1, allowing gatherings of up to six people, up from four, and letting restaurants, cafes and night-life venues stay open until midnight.

    The country has inoculated 29.2% of its population and is on track to meet the 70% target by September.

    "The new social distancing system is an effort to find a balance between quarantine and daily life recovery amid the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic," said Health Minister Kwon Deok-cheol.

    Middle East

    Israel has re-introduced mask mandates in certain areas after coronavirus outbreaks at schools, the health ministry announced. The country only lifted the mask requirement nationwide five days earlier.

    Masks are now required indoors and outdoors in the Binyamina area south of Haifa and in Modiin-Makkabim-Reut. Forty-five students tested positive in a school in Binyamina, and around a dozen new cases have been reported in Modiin, between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.


    The United States will send 2.5 million doses of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine to Taiwan, three times higher than an earlier pledge. The shipment, which will arrive later Sunday, is seen as a public health and geopolitical message.

    "The donation reflects our commitment to Taiwan as a trusted friend, and a member of the international family of democracies," the American Institute in Taiwan, the de facto US embassy, said on social media.


    In Berlin, supporters of the city's infamous nightclub scene staged a protest calling for more freedom to party.

    Accompanied by by bass and booming beats, protesters floated on boats down a canal that winds through Berlin's well-known club districts, Kreuzberg and Neukölln.

    The protest was also in opposition to the city's monthslong "dance ban" that has barred indoor dancing events. Starting on Friday, clubs in the German capital could once again stage parties outside.

    Organizers argued that clubs have been left behind while restrictions were rolled back for bars and restaurants.

    Meanwhile, the German government is reportedly planning to introduce special FFP2 medical masks for children. "One of the lessons of the pandemic is that we need to develop standards for infection protection masks that are specifically for children," a Health Ministry spokesperson told the newspapers of the Funke media group.

    While case numbers in Germany have been trending down, experts have expressed increasing alarm about the threat posed by the delta variant. The German economic research institute Ifo described the variant on Sunday as a "serious danger for the German economy.

    Portugal is experiencing a rise in COVID cases, with officials now reporting that the more infectious delta variant is behind the spike.

    Over 60% of new infections in the capital Lisbon involve the delta variant, according to official data reported by Portuguese media. The city is currently under a multi-day lockdown that is due to lift on Monday.

    Sunday saw the end of France's monthslong nightly curfew — which was lifted two weeks earlier than planned. The 11:00 p.m. curfew was unpopular among some youths, with police and partygoers clashing over the weekend at an unauthorized rave.

    The decision to lift the curfew came the same day as regional elections in the country and as France scrapped a requirement to wear masks outside.

    In Britain, airlines and holiday companies are planning a "day of action" next week to ramp up pressure on the government to ease travel restrictions.

    The travel sector is concerned that strict quarantine requirements could remain in place over the summer for returnees from many tourism hotspots and also deter travelers to the UK.

    Pilots, cabin crew and travel agents will gather in Westminster, central London, and at airports across Britain on Wednesday to try to drum up support.

    The UK's aviation industry has been harder hit by the pandemic than its European peers, according to data published by pilots trade union BALPA on Sunday. It showed daily arrivals and departures into the UK were down 73% on an average day earlier this month compared to before the pandemic. Spain, Greece and France were down less than 60%.

    rs, see/nm (Reuters, AFP, AP, dpa)

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    Chới với bạn xa thích hơn láng giềng gần.

    "Người Đài có mặt".

    Mỹ gửi tặng 2,5 triệu liều vac-xin cho Đài Loan

    Khách Sạn Lớn ở Đài Bắc kết đền thể hiện cảm ơn Mỹ đã viện trợ 750 nghìn liều vac-xin ngừa Covid-19 cho Đài Loan, ngày 06/06/2021. AP - Chiang Ying-ying

    Thanh Hà

    Trên mạng xã hội Facebook, đại diện văn phòng ngoại giao Hoa Kỳ tại Đài Loan thông báo 2,5 triệu liều thuốc Moderna chống Covid-19 đang trên đường đến Đài Bắc. Đợt viện trợ y tế này nhằm thể hiện tình liên đới của Mỹ đối với « một nước bạn đáng tin cậy, một thành viên trong gia đình các nền dân chủ trên thế giới ».

    Hãng tin Anh Reuters nhắc lại khối lượng hai triệu rưỡi liều vac-xin Moderna nói trên cao hơn gấp ba lần so với khoản viện trợ của Mỹ cho Đài Loan được dự tính ban đầu. Lô thuốc này sẽ đến Đài Loan vào chiều nay 20/06/2021. Tại Washington, phát ngôn viên bộ Ngoại Giao Mỹ, Ned Price, trên Twitter lưu ý đây là một cử chỉ trợ giúp Đài Loan « vô điều kiện (…) những liều thuốc này không theo đuổi các mục tiêu chính trị hay kinh tế. Vac-xin cung cấp chỉ nhằm cứu mạng người »

    Tuy nhiên theo Reuters, Washington đang chạy đua với Bắc Kinh trên phương diện « ngoại giao vac-xin ». Trung Quốc luôn xem Đài Loan là một phần lãnh thổ và đã đề xuất viện trợ cho Đài Bắc thuốc thuốc ngừa SARS-CoV-2 nhưng chính quyền của tổng thống Thái Anh Văn đã từ chối lòng tốt của Hoa Lục.

    Đài Loan đã đặt mua hơn 5 triệu vac-xin của Moderna, 10 triệu liều của AstraZeneca nhưng tới nay mới chỉ nhận được thuốc một cách nhỏ giọt. Trong khi đó thì đại dịch Covid-19 đang bùng lên trên lãnh thổ Đài Loan, nơi mà đến nay mới chỉ có khoảng 6 % trong số hơn 23 triệu rưỡi dân số được tiêm chủng.

    Hôm đầu tháng 6/2021 một phái đoàn gồm ba thượng nghị sĩ Hoa Kỳ trên một chuyến bay quân sự với 750.000 vac-xin đã đáp xuống phi trường ở Đài Bắc. Đó là đợt viện trợ đầu tiên của Mỹ cho Đài Loan. Nhưng theo lời tổng thống Thái Anh Văn trong hai tuần qua, Washington quyết định đẩy mạnh viện trợ y tế cho Đài Bắc.

    Đài Loan là nguồn cung cấp linh kiện điện tử và bán dẫn cho Hoa Kỳ. Trong tuần chính phủ Đài Loan thông báo cho phép nhà tỷ phú Quách Đài Minh (Terry Gou) sáng lập viên tập đoàn chip điện tử lớn nhất thế giới Foxconn đàm phán với các đối tác quốc tế để mua vac-xin ngừa Covid-19.

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