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    Quote Originally Posted by ngocdam66 View Post

    UEFA to open investigation into racism at Paris football match

    Players from PSG and Istanbul Basaksehir walked off mid-match after the Turkish club accused an official of racism.

    9 Dec 2020

    Does Romanian football have a racism problem?

    The issue of racism and Romania was thrust into the spotlight on Tuesday when a Romanian match official allegedly made a racist remark. But was it racist and does the country have a problem with racism in football?

    The Parc des Princes: Home of PSG and the scene of an alleged racist incident on Tuesday

    Romanian football official Sebastian Coltescu stands accused of racism over a word he used while acting as the fourth official in Tuesday's Champions League match between Paris Saint Germain and Istanbul Basaksehir.

    Members of the Turkish team became outraged and walked off the pitch in protest — followed by their French opponents. Eventually, UEFA officials elected to postpone the game until the next day. 

    Whether the Romanian referee had racist intentions is difficult to say, however. The Romanian term "negru," which he used to refer to Besaksehir's Cameroonian assistant coach, Pierre Webo, is not a translation of the deeply insulting N-word in the English language — there is another word for that in Romanian. "Negru" simply means "Black" and is a neutral color designation, which is also used by the anti-discrimination movement "Black Lives Matter."

    However, Csaba Asztalos – the president of the Romanian Council for Anti-Discrimination – said in an interview with the sports magazine Gazeta Sporturilor: "Coltescu simply doesn't realize that the expression 'negru' is racist, with no other possible interpretation. This shows his level of knowledge and that he is completely unaware of the very clear rules of the FRF (Romanian football association), UEFA and FIFA regarding racism."

    The Romanian minister of sport, Ionut Stroe, declared the morning after the abandoned match in Paris that the Coltescu incident was "an individual case that is not representative of Romanian sport." 

    ''There are plenty of problems in Romanian soccer, but you can't say that our fans are racist," Romanian Football Federation President Razvan Burleanu said last year. 

    However, for anybody who follows Romanian football, there can be no denying that racism and xenophobia continue to be a major problem in the game there.

    Let's start with the situation in the stands: For decades, chanting against ethnic minorities has been commonplace. Among the chants most often heard are: "We have and will always have an aversion to gypsies" and "Get out, get the Hungarians out of the country!"

    Right-wing Ultras

    Even the Romanian national team has been affected by the problem. Following racist and xenophobic outbursts at a previous match, UEFA ordered it to play its Euro 2020 qualifier against Norway in October 2019 behind closed doors. A month later, the referee threatened to abandon a match against Sweden in Bucharest after Swedish players complained about racial abuse coming from the stands.

    When it comes to racial intolerance, the Ultra groups "Honor et Patria" and "United under the Tricolor" set the tone. Their leaders, George Simion and Cristian David, are also the founders of the radical right-wing Alliance for the Unification of Romanians (AUR) party, which recently won seats in the Romanian parliament for the first time.

    These Ultras have often attracted attention through banners with political, Islamophobic and anti-refugee messages such as "One refugee = one attack" during a game against Serbia. At the same time, fans of Bucharest club FCSB (formerly known as Steaua) from the opposite stand shouted "Serbia, Kosovo, Serbia, Kosovo!"

    A racist owner

    Racist outbursts are not only to be heard from the fans, but there are many examples from some of Romanian football's most prominent figures.

    Gigi Becali, the owner of FCSB, can't resist tossing racist verbal barbs at rival club Rapid Bucharest whenever he can. His most infamous comment came in 2010, when he said that when Rapid withdrew from the league, the league would become "whiter." 

    Gigi Becali, the owner of Bucharest club FCSB, has been guilty of racist remarks

    The Rapid fans, who like their team are often called "gypsies," are themselves anything but a prime example of fair play and tolerance. In 2014 they threw bananas at a Brazilian striker on an opposing team. The reaction of the referee was just as shocking; he showed the player who had just been racially insulted a yellow card.    

    Becali's antagonism of Rapid Bucharest is by no means his only offense. He also banned the song "We will rock you" by Queen from being played in FCSB's home ground because lead singer Freddie Mercury was gay. He has commonly referred to women as "slaves of the man" and made no secret of selecting players according to religion and skin color.  

    An ingrained problem

    Such incidents of xenophobia are not isolated. FCSB's stadium announcer was forced to resign in 2012 after he played racists chants through the loudspeaker — a case that made it all the way to FIFA.

    Former Bundesliga player Laurențiu Reghecampf was the coach of the club at the time. From his days at Energie Cottbus, he would have been familiar with the efforts to combat xenophobia in the stands there. But he did nothing to counter racism on the terraces at FCSB. 

    Not only Reghecampf, but also his former teammate at then-Bundesliga club Energie Cottbus, Vasile Miriuta, seems to have quickly forgotten what he experienced in eastern Germany too. As coach of Dinamo Bucharest, Miriuta once referred to a Congolese player from his own team as a "gypsy."

    Steaua Bucharest, Romania's most famous club and now known as FCSB, have had to deal with numerous racist incidents.

    "That's what his teammates in the locker room call him," he quipped.

    Also notable for racist statements is former Dinamo Bucharest and Romania defender Cornel Dinu, who is now part of the club's management team. Dinu, who is also a former Dinamo coach, once accused a rival club that had just signed a Brazilian player, of having bought a "monkey."

    As a frequent guest on Romanian TV talk shows, he also repeatedly boasted that he was once friends with the late Zeljko Raznatovic, better known as "Arkan," the Serbian paramilitary commander who was indicted by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia on 24 charges relating to war crimes. Arkan was killed in 2000 — before he could be brought to trial.

    The former mayor of Craiova, a Romanian football hotbed, once said of a player from the Ivory Coast: "When I show him to my daughter, she gets scared! I tell her: Look, a monkey. Look, he speaks!"

    After Tuesday's incident in Paris, the Romanian Football Federation declared that it dissociated itself "from any action or statement with a racist or xenophobic tendency." UEFA has already announced that a full investigation is underway.

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    RB Leipzig vs. Liverpool Champions League clash in doubt as Germany bans UK travel

    Liverpool are facing a Champions League headache after the German government banned all flights from the U.K. until Feb. 17 to stop the spread of COVID-19 in Germany.

    The Premier League champions are set to face RB Leipzig in Germany on Feb. 16 but may now need to find an alternative solution.

    Playing the game at a neutral venue is one possibility open to the sides, or swapping the venues for the first and second leg.

    That would mean Leipzig travelling to Liverpool for the first-leg on Feb. 16 and Jurgen Klopp's side playing in Germany on March 10.

    Leipzig would be able to travel to Anfield and back for the first leg as German passport holders and residents are allowed to travel to Germany where they'd be tested straight away.

    The ban has been put in place by the German government to contain the spread of the new variant of the coronavirus from high-risk countries.

    COVID-19 has already forced the postponement of several Premier League fixtures this season. However, those came about because of outbreaks at clubs rather than travel bans.

    German football has largely been unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic during the 2020-21 campaign. Although several high-profile players have tested positive, no Bundesliga matches have been postponed so far.


    Germany bans entry from the UK, Ireland, Brazil, Portugal and South Africa over COVID-19 variants

    From Saturday, Germany will close its borders to arrivals from five countries that are affected by COVID-19 variants, in order to "protect the German population", the German health ministry said, according to the AFP and DPA news agencies.

    Entry into its territory by land, sea and air will be denied to people coming from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil, Portugal and South Africa.

    The decision will be valid until at least February 17, the government said.

    The five countries are considered to be heavily affected by different variants of COVID-19, and the German government has been mulling taking "drastic action" to avoid having the strains spread further in the country.

    Federal Interior Minister Seehofer had raised the possibility of cutting air traffic to Germany “to almost zero”, but on Friday told a news conference new measures would focus on the United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil, South Africa and Portugal.

    Talks have been ongoing at an EU level in an attempt to avoid the disunited approach to travel and border closures that has been seen previously during the pandemic.

    But Germany's interior ministry warned on Thursday “if no satisfactory measures are decided at EU level” the country would act at a national level.

    And without an EU-wide agreement in place, that's what Germany has now done.

    The restrictions do include several exceptions, such as for Germans living in these countries, and those who have residency in Germany, as well as passengers in transit or the movement of goods, according to a document seen by AFP.

    The ban comes amid growing fears over new variants of coronavirus, such as the one first discovered in England, which quickly became the dominant strain in the UK.

    Scientists say it is up to 70% more infectious than the original strain that started the global pandemic, and could be more deadly too.


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    Muốn mang virus biến dạng của Anh vô Đức, chỉ cần hẹn nhau ở Hung Gia Lợi

    What is RB Leipzig vs Liverpool in Budapest?

    Leipzig face Premier League champions Liverpool on Tuesday, February 16, but NOT in Germany.

    The game will go ahead in Budapest because of the coronavirus restrictions imposed on travel to Germany.

    The German government have banned entry from countries who carry mutant strains of Covid-19, meaning a neutral venue had to be found to play the fixture.

    Leipzig applied for an exemption, but said application was denied.

    UEFA therefore announced that the game would take place in Budapest at the Puskas Arena.

    A UEFA statement read: "UEFA would like to thank RB Leipzig and Liverpool FC for their close cooperation and assistance in finding a solution to the issue at hand, as well as the Hungarian Football Federation for their support and agreeing to host the match in question."

    The same will go for Manchester City's clash with Borussia Monchengladbach and Chelsea's away tie at Atletico Madrid, which will go ahead in Bucharest.

    Where will the second leg be played?

    Unless current restrictions in the UK change, it's expected that the second leg between Liverpool and Leipzig will take place at Anfield.

    Although both teams will be without the presence of fans, the Reds could hold a distinct advantage in the tie.

    But there is still a possibility that Germany's Covid restrictions will mean Liverpool have to play their second leg in another country.

    Liverpool finished top of their Champions League group and are looking to turn their injury-hit season around.

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    6 & 14 April
    Manchester City (ENG) vs Borussia Dortmund (GER)
    Real Madrid (ESP) vs Liverpool (ENG)

    7 & 13 April
    Porto (POR) vs Chelsea (ENG)
    Bayern München (GER) vs Paris Saint-Germain (FRA)

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    Ly khai:

    Super League document justifying breakaway

    The Guardian has uncovered an unpublished European Super League document in the hidden code of its new website which seeks to justify the controversial breakaway by saying it will give fans “what they want”.

    In comments that will raise eyebrows, it also claims the breakaway will offer “a sustainable and competitive environment for the whole football pyramid” – by providing more than three times the level of solidarity payments to smaller clubs than currently exist.

    That such a document was so easily discovered by someone with little specialist knowledge of coding will be embarrassing to the European Super League. However its underlying message is that the 12 clubs – including six from the Premier League – had no choice but to act because of the financial costs they were facing.

    “Over many decades, players and fans have made football more than a game, inspiring passion and drama unique in the world of sport,” the statement begins. “But the game we love is challenged as never before.”

    Citing Covid, it warns that the accumulated losses of top-level clubs exceed €5bn (£4.3bn). “The value of live media rights is stagnating or declining as some of our competitions fail to meet the needs of fans and new generations seek entertainment in ways which didn’t exist 10 years ago,” it says.

    When creating the Super League, the document says the 12 breakaway clubs had “four guiding principles”:

    Exceed fan expectations: “Our aim is to deliver to fans the best football possible while providing access for qualifying clubs to ensure the vibrancy of the competition and to maintain a strong commitment to the principle of sporting merit.”

    Solidarity and sustainability: including “affordable ticket prices” and “reinvestment into the football pyramid via ongoing and substantial solidarity payments”. The document adds: “Super League solidarity payments will grow automatically with overall league revenues and will be more than three times higher than payments coming from the current European championship.”

    Commitment to domestic leagues: “The new Super League has been designed around the principle of maintaining strong and vibrant local leagues and we will continue to compete each weekend in our national competitions as we always have.”

    Readiness to change: “The Super League ownership and governance structure is designed to allow us to rapidly adopt and incorporate new ideas into the competition. Whether it’s changes in live match distribution formats, technology-enhanced rule implementation or player development, we can no longer rely on external bodies to drive progress in these areas.”

    Khôn ngoan đá với người ngoài
    Đội cùng một nước chớ hoài đá nhau (coi chán).

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    Super league tóm tắt là băng nhà giàu.

    Để coi băng nhà giàu này đụng độ với băng úp phá (UEFA) ai sứt mũi ai gãy gọng.

    • Arsenal: Stan Kroenke (tỉ phú Mỹ)
    • Chelsea: Roman Abramowitsch (tỉ phú Nga)
    • Liverpool: John Henry (tỉ phú Mỹ)
    • Manchester City: Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan (tỉ phủ Ả Rập)
    • Manchester United: Patriarch Malcom Glazer (tỉ phú Mỹ)
    • Tottenham Hotspur: Joe Lewis (tỉ phú Anh)
    • Atletico Madrid: Miguel Ángel Gil Marín (tỉ phú Tây Ban Nha)
    • FC Barcelona: thành viên đội banh
    • Real Madrid: thành viên đội banh
    • Inter Mailand: Jindong Zhan (tỉ phú Tàu)
    • AC Mailand: Paul Singer (tỉ phú Mỹ)
    • Juventus Turin : Gia đình Agnelli (tỉ phú Ý)

    Trong danh sách 12 đội này chỉ có 2 đội Tây Ban Nha Bà xã và Real Madrid là do thành viên của đội banh sở hữu mà thôi. Phần còn lại là sân chơi các tỉ phú.

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    Bên Đức đội banh là của chung tất cả hội viên phải không? Có thể nào Bayern và Dortmund cũng nhập băng nhà giàu không?

    Thiệt ra có hai ba đám cạnh tranh nhau cũng tốt, vụ trả tiền coi đá banh quá mắc tại vì UEFA độc quyền đấu giá, mấy hãng tivi mua bản quyền xong thì họ kiếm cách chia nhau chiếu, khổ thân khán giả phải mua hai ba đài khác nhau để coi đầy đủ. Dù chỉ muốn coi một đội nhưng bữa nay nó chiếu đài này, tuần sau nó chiếu đài khác mà mình hông có thì chỉ còn biết vô Phố rùm coi cãi nhau.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ốc View Post
    Bên Đức đội banh là của chung tất cả hội viên phải không? Có thể nào Bayern và Dortmund cũng nhập băng nhà giàu không?

    Hai đội FC Bayern München và Borussia Dortmund đều theo hình thể công ty cổ phần. Bayern thì có 75% cổ phần của hội viên, 25% còn lại là cổ phần của công ty đồ thể thao Adidas, xe Audi và bảo hiểm Allianz. Dortmund thì có 65% cũng là cổ phần hội viên, phần còn lại chia đều cho một thương gia, một công ty hóa chất Evonik, công ty bảo hiểm Signal Iduna và công ty đồ thể thao Puma (em ruột của Adidas).

    Hiện tại có Paris St. Germain, BayernDortmund chưa tham gia, không biết có tham gia hay không. Đội Leipzig cũng tiến dần dần lên hàng 4 đội đầu bảng giải Bundesliga. Nghĩa là sẽ thường xuyên chơi giải Champions League, Leipzig cũng của hãng bò húc, nghĩa là của một tỉ phú người Áo.



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