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    Sea Watch captain to sue Italy's Salvini for defamation

    Salvini, who is also deputy prime minister and an admirer of US President Donald Trump, is an avid user of social media, which he also uses to insult people he disagrees with.

    Salvini "stirs the troubled waters of hate. A defamation lawsuit is a way to send a signal," the lawyer said, prompting a swift and angry response from the League minister.

    "She breaks laws and attacks Italian military vessels, and then she sues me," Salvini tweeted. "I'm not afraid of the Mafia, let alone a rich and spoiled communist!"

    Italian police last week arrested Rackete, 31, after she defied orders to stay away and forced her way into port on Italy's southern Lampedusa island to disembark 40 rescued migrants who had been stuck at sea on her vessel for two weeks.

    An Italian judge this week ordered her freed as she had been acting to save lives, a decision which also sparked Salvini's ire.

    Two other investigations, on charges of helping people smugglers and resisting the authorities are still underway after she forced her way past Italian customs vessels.

    During the two-week standoff and after Salvini launched a series of furious tweets at the charity worker, including calling her a "pain in the arse", "criminal", "delinquent" and "poor woman who only tried to kill five Italian soldiers".
    Trâm của Ý đã bị loại ra khỏi chức vụ bộ trưởng nội vụ sau khi liên minh chính trị giữa đảng 5 Sao và Dân chủ Ý lập chính phủ mới. Chính sách bài bác di dân, chống đối người tỵ nạn sẽ chấm dứt. Fantastico!

    Matteo Salvini replaced by migration specialist in new Italy coalition

    Luciana Lamorgese, a veteran of the interior ministry, has in recent years been in charge of planning refugee and migrant reception centres in northern Italy and is known for promoting integration events and policies. She was also the first female security chief, or prefect, of Milan.

    During the coalition negotiations, the PD repeatedly asked the M5S to abandon the migration policies of the previous government, in which it was in coalition with the League. The key was the abolition of a Salvini-drafted security decree that provided for the seizure of NGO rescue boats and fines for vessels that brought migrants to Italy without permission.

    Prosecutors in Ragusa on Tuesday placed the German captain and the mission chief of the Eleonore rescue ship, operated by the NGO Mission Lifeline, under investigation on suspicion of encouraging illegal immigration. The captain had declared a state of emergency onboard and defied the entry ban, landing more than 100 migrants in Pozzallo, Sicily.

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