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    have you ever been abused so much that no matter how many times youve died and got reborn, you still feel it?
    high walls and barricades - layers and layers
    you told no one where you were hiding and yet they still found out and came after you

    it's gloomy and windy. no sight of birds. not cold enough to freeze the patches of snow on the ground, but not warm enough to melt into water. sometimes, after a sleepless night like this, you cant help it but long for the sound of spring, where life freshly begins, and despair fades into darkness

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    nỗi buồn là như thế

    nỗi nhớ là như thế
    tao ngộ – biệt ly là như thế
    cuồng vọng thét gào là như thế
    im lặng là như thế
    người như thế
    ta như thế
    tình yêu không-ngôn-ngữ-không-ta-người
    như thế



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