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Thread: Diện trang

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    Phân trang: nightmare in the air…

    Delta flight passenger has diarrhea ‘all the way through’ plane

    Maintenance crews spent five hours cleaning the Delta Airlines Airbus A350 after its enforced early landing, including replacing an aisle carpet ruined in the incident.

    Passengers, reportedly including the one suffering diarrhea, were allowed to re-board after an eight-hour delay, making it to Barcelona on Saturday afternoon with no further incident.

    Accounts from some onboard posted to social media described flight crew doing their best to mop up the mess with paper towels and scented disinfectant. But that only had the effect of making the plane “smell of vanilla shit”, one passenger said.
    Đáng lẽ phải hoàn lại tiền vé cho hành khách.

    Suốt chuyến bay chắc là mở hết cửa sổ cho thoáng.

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    Đan mập trang:

    Wegovy: the slimming drug that keeps Denmark’s economy growing

    Thanks to booming demand for its weight loss treatment Wegovy, the Danish business last week became Europe’s biggest company by stock market value, overtaking the previous holder of that title, French luxury group LVMH. Novo Nordisk’s stock market value of £340bn now exceeds Denmark’s entire economic output, estimated at £323bn this year.

    Its obesity drug Saxenda was approved in the US in 2014, while Ozempic was approved there in 2017, followed in 2021 by Wegovy – all of which have been flying off the shelves as alternatives to a gastric band. The company is working on a pill version of Wegovy.

    Denmark has no shortage of multinationals: they include toymaker Lego, brewer Carlsberg and shipping group Maersk. But never before has one company been so dominant.
    Vai em gầy guộc nhỏ, uống thuốc mập giờ xuống trăm cân….

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    Phân trang 2.0:

    Canadian wilderness area offers poop bags

    Unlike dog waste bags in city parks, the dispensers contain waste-alleviating gel bags – known as Wag bags – that contain enzymes to break down fecal matter and smell.

    “We tested it out by having a bag and [putting it in] a hot car for the day, inside of the car, and there were no odours afterward,” Ben Webster, chair of the SAS told CityNews.

    “So the bags are effective, they’re robust, you don’t have to worry about leakage. And the idea is you take it out and dispose of it properly afterwards.”
    Miếng ăn là miếng tồi tàn
    Có ăn một bữa lộn phaan ra ngoài…

    (Caca dao)



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