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    Paris Games mascots likened to ‘clitoris’

    When the two triangular red mascots, the Phryges, were unveiled for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, they were presented as the shape of Phrygian caps, the floppy, conical hats associated with the French Revolution.

    But the little red figures have swiftly been likened to clitorises with smiley faces. They bear a notable resemblance to the giant inflatable, red clitoris put up opposite the Eiffel Tower on last year’s International Women’s Day by a feminist group campaigning for more education and scientific research on the organ whose sole function is the female orgasm.

    Kìa con bướm hồng
    Kìa con bướm hồng
    Xoè đôi cánh
    Xoè đôi cánh…

    (Frère Jacquou)

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    Khẩu trang: Puck Futin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Triển View Post
    Khẩu trang:
    Á khẩu trang: no freedom no anthem

    a team’s silence speaks volumes

    Not one member of the Iranian football team sang the national anthem when it was played before their World Cup match against England.

    Earlier, Ehsan Hajsafi, the Iranian captain,
    said bereaved families should know “that we are with them, we support them and we sympathise with them” and that “the conditions in our country are not right and our people are not happy”.
    Im lặng là không đồng ý.
    (Thành ngữ)



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