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Thread: Diện trang

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    Adidas bans ‘44’ on German shirt

    Adidas has banned football fans from customising the German national shirt with the number 44 due to its alleged resemblance to the symbol used by Nazi SS units during the second world war.

    The Schutzstaffel (SS), a paramilitary organisation of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich, was tasked with carrying out the industrialised genocide of Jewish people across Europe.

    Concerns over the jerseys were originally raised by historian Michael König, who said the kit’s design was “very questionable”.

    Tàu hông kiêng “44” mà Đức lại phải kiêng. Hông cho in số 44 lên áo thì hai thằng bận hai cái áo số 4 đứng xáp vô.

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    green onions ignite voter anger in South Korea’s elections

    Yoon said he had described as “reasonable” the store’s 875 won (51p) price tag for a bundle of green onions. The actual retail price is three to four times higher, hovering at 3,000-4,000 won in recent weeks.

    It is not just the price of green onions that has seen significant rises. The price of agricultural products in March increased by more than 20% from the same month last year. The price of apples increased by nearly 90%, marking the largest one-year-jump since 1980.

    Nevertheless, opposition candidates have used green onions as props during campaign speeches to draw attention to Yoon’s hapless attempt to court the average man and woman on the Seoul omnibus.

    Hyun Jung, 36, said she hadn’t initially thought about the green onion issue, “but after I heard about the ban, I bought a green onion hairband and I’m determined to wear it on election day”.

    Con gà cục tác giá chanh
    Con lợ ủn ỉn mua hành mắc thôi
    Con chó khóc đứng khóc ngồi
    Mẹ ơi đi chợ mua trăm đồng giềng

    (Ca dao)



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