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    Có thầy cũng đố mày làm nên?

    Girls in Africa quitting school over cost of living crisis

    The Covid-19 pandemic and rising food and energy costs over the past 18 months have prevented many children from attending school, limiting their chances of gaining a skilled job and an independent income.

    According to Unicef, 129 million girls around the world are out of school, including 32 million of primary school age, and 97 million of secondary school age.

    A 2018 World Bank study estimated that “limited educational opportunities for girls, and barriers to completing 12 years of education, cost countries between $15tn and $30tn in lost lifetime productivity and earnings”.
    Tuyệt học mưu sinh.

    Năm năm rồi không học, từ khi em lấy chồng…
    (Chuyện trường buồnk

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    Không thày đố mày biết nên làm sao?

    Missouri library will ban Porn Star book

    A committee with the St Charles city-county library system in eastern Missouri has moved to ban the book Bang Like a Porn Star: Sex Tips from the Pros, but will allow everyone on the book’s waiting list before 21 November to read it first, the St Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

    The 2018 book features interviews from gay adult film stars and covers a range of topics about sex acts and health including “providing oral pleasure”, “creating your own home sex video”, and how to remain sexually healthy, according to the book’s description. It was previously housed in the library’s adult section.

    The library system only had one copy of the book before the book’s formal challenge, which Kuhl said had not “been publicly available for months” as it was never returned.

    More copies of the book had to be purchased by the library’s review committee to review the initial challenge.
    Porn stars mà sao phải viết ra thành sách chứ hông đóng phim? Vậy là pen stars thôi.

    Nhất tự vi sư, nhất phim vi star.
    (Tục ngữ)



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