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Thread: Tokyo 2021

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    "Đuổi cho kịp mấy thằng chăn lạc đà".
    Lão này lại phụ lòng Thomas Bach.

    'Get the camel drivers': Racism scandal in Olympic cycling

    Germany cycling official Patrick Moster has come under fire after shouting out racist remarks during the men's road time trial at the Tokyo Olympics. He apologized after television cameras picked up his comments.

    Moster's racist remarks were caught on television

    As Germany's Nikias Arndt chased down his opponents during the men's road time trial, his federation's sporting director Patrick Moster was shouting out words of encouragement.

    Yet Moster's encouragement turned unsavory as he screamed, "Get the camel drivers" multiple times.

    Arndt was attempting to make ground on Algeria's Azzedine Lagab and Eritrea's Amanuel Ghebreigzabhier.

    The vision and audio were broadcast on live television, with ARD commentator Florian Nass left gobsmacked as he reacted: "If I've really understood what he was shouting, that was totally wrong."

    "Words fail me," Nass added. "Something like that has no place in sport."

    Moster, sporting director of the German cycling federation (BDR), has since been forced to apologize.

    "In the heat of the moment and with the overall burden that we have here at the moment, my choice of words was not appropriate," he told German news agency DPA.

    "I am extremely sorry and can only offer my sincere apologies. I didn't want to offend anyone."

    Nikias Arndt competing at the Tokyo Olympics.

    Fierce backlash

    BDR President Rudolf Scharping said the comments were "unacceptable," while German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) president Alfons Hörmann said the organization stood for "respect, fair play and tolerance."

    "It is important that Patrick Moster apologized immediately after the competition. We will seek a personal conversation with him today and deal with the situation," Hörmann said.

    Arndt, who finished 19th in the time trial, distanced himself from the comments via social media, saying he was "appalled" by the incident.

    "Such words are not acceptable," he wrote.

    "The Olympics and cycling stand for tolerance, respect and fairness. I represent these values ​​100% and take my hat off to all the great athletes who have come from all over the world here in Tokyo."

    jcs/tj (AP, Reuters)

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    German cycling official sent home after racist remarks

    Germany cycling sports director Patrick Moster has been sent home after shouting out racist remarks during the men's road time trial at the Tokyo Olympics. He apologized after television cameras picked up his comments.

    German cycling sporting director Patrick Moster shouted racist remarks during the cycling time trial

    Germany's Olympic Federation (DOSB) has sent cycling sports director Patrick Moster home over his racist comments during Wednesday's cycling time trial.

    Moster, 54, was caught on camera screaming racist remarks as Germany's Nikias Arndt was chasing down two African cyclists during the event. The cycling coach later apologized for the comments, saying he was caught "in the heat of the moment."

    The DOSB said that though Moster's apology was sincere, he "violated Olympic values" with the comment.

    "Fair play, respect and tolerance are not negotiable for Team Germany," the DOSB said in a statement.

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    Chị này người Hmong, vậy là cũng có chút bà con họ hàng với Việt nam mình. Huy chương vàng môn AWESOME!

    Sunisa Lee’s all-around gymnastics gold hailed by Hmong in US

    Lee’s parents, John Lee and Yeev Thoj, were among thousands of Hmong refugees who made the perilous journey to Thailand and then the US. Most did not find the promised land: 60% of Hmong Americans are on low incomes and more than a quarter live in poverty.

    Many of them, though, packed into a community centre to watch their golden girl take an Olympic title. “The community is amazing,” Lee explained afterwards. “They were all together watching. Everybody got to see me winning a gold medal and I wish they could have been here. There were actually too many people to fit in my house, so they went to a community centre and watched it together.”

    But Lee’s words were tinged with sadness, as she admitted things had not been easy for many of her friends and family. “The Hmong community are the most supportive people ever and I just feel like many don’t reach their goals,” she added. “But I want people to know that you never know what’s going to happen in the end. So don’t give up on your dreams.”

    Lee certainly hasn’t, even though she has had plenty of bad breaks and horrific heartaches. In 2019, for instance, her father became paralysed from the chest down after falling off a ladder, while last year she lost her aunt and uncle to Covid-19.

    Lee says now that the immense sadness she felt made her stronger, as she had to fight off negative thoughts. But her mind was clear when her father talked to her before the final with a simple message. “He just told me to do what I normally do, to go out and do my best, and in my heart I was already a winner.”

    It was her father who inadvertently guided her on the path that took her to a gold medal. As a six-year-old, Lee was always jumping on her bed or having her dad “spot” her while she did backflips. Finally, her mother gave in and took her to a gymnastics club.

    Even so, a year ago she had entertained thoughts of quitting, after breaking a bone in her foot during the pandemic. “It just wasn’t getting any better and felt like I wasn’t ever going to be able to make it to the Olympics,” she explained. But her injury healed just in time for her to take advantage of the biggest sliding-doors moment of these Tokyo Olympics.
    Có phúc đẻ con biết lộn (mèo).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ốc View Post

    Có phúc đẻ con biết lộn (mèo).
    Tâm lý người Việt thì chỉ biết đẻ con bác sĩ, kỹ sư không hà.
    Con mà không chịu là phải nặn đẻ cho ra loại nghề nghiệp
    này. Lộn mèo là "không có cửa" đâu.



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